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Last year my pot grown two year old Bramley Seedling produced its first fruit! The excitement was palpable. ONE huge green apple and perfect in every way, enough for a small pie even! However this year (in its third year)I have a large crop of much smaller RED apples on the same tree and they are beautiful eaters, so sweet. I really don't know what is going on.   Now I know the Bramley is a triploid and I have relied on the fact that I have a Braeburn and fifty feet away in another garden is a Cox for pollination. Can this have something to do with it and if so why did it work last year. What, then will I do next year? Any advice would be helpful.


  • Its grafted onto the rootstock but there is only one graft, but that wouldn't explain last year's beautiful Bramley and none this year except the red ones. Why no red ones last year?   I wondered if by some means it had reverted but I don't know what the rootstock actually is. Baffling! Thanks for your interest though.

  • Thanks again Edd but there are no growths(suckers) below the graft and the graft is 2 inches above ground level - weird!

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