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Overgrown climbing rose

Hello fellow GWers,

I have two very overgrown climbing roses... i had tied in and pruned regularly to create a good framework for new growth and maximising flowering. However, in what seemed like no time at all, they shot up and are seriously overgrown (I'm talking 10 foot or so) with woody main stems. I know many roses can be pruned now (am in the south and they are against a fairy protected wall), but given the radical pruning needed, I wonder is this the best time? do I cut the really chunky woody stems right back to promote new growth, or just by two thirds or so to leave a central 3 foot or so main stem?

would really appreciate some advice... I keep meaning to tackle it, but every time i so much as look at them I quickly find something else to do instead!



  • hogweedhogweed Posts: 4,053

    I like the sound of a 'fairy protected wall'!!!!!!!!!

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    As long as you've tied in as many branches as you can, it's safe to prune off any excess growth now to prevent if being damaged by winter gales.   The main pruning to encourage flowers is best done in spring.   The RHS offers this advice:- 

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    tee hee @ hogweed.

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  • Hi Sthlndngrower image

    Have a look at the videos here



    They're very clear and straightforward and I'm sure you'll find the information you need.


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  • GWRSGWRS Posts: 8,211

    Hello , I have a climbing rose through a small Holy tree about 15 ft and I can never remember what to do so as already been suggested I have a look at the RHS site , every good also I think G/W have a site on pruning as well 

    sounds a great Rose I am really pleased with mine 

    happy pruning????

  • Many thanks for all your replies.... Shame the fairies can't do the pruning for me!

  • I do love a typo.... Earlier today i nearly told someone I was happiest in willies.... I meant wellies, and it was on a dating site! Lol, how to make an impression!

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    I was reading the thread that sthindngrower posted about a privet hedge and so looked at previous posts and found this one. This is a question I'd asked some time ago as I have several very old climbing roses. So thank you to Dove for posting that video which has shown me exactly what to do. I'd been told to do that and removed some old wood but lacked the courage to do it properly.

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    His videos are really clear and straightforward aren't they image

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