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Talkback: Squirrels

Chicken wire on pots stops my bulbs being dug up - lawns no idea. Would love to sort the problem out!!!


  • They don't like chili powder. That's about all you can do really. It'll wash away every time it rains, but at least you can cover your tulips next spring. (yes, they eat tulip flowers too!)
  • To be honest I love squirrels - I have a special maize feeder for mine - they love it and leave everything else alone. I like to try to get on with nature instead of trying to deter it!
  • You are lucky! We don't have the furry nuisances here in Guernsey. Enjoy your squirrels!
  • i have the same problem with the squirrels. i spent two days digging up oak tree spalings. in the garden of the house we moved into in july. but there so much fun to watch what the hell i like them.
  • We live in the New Forest and our garden was a squirrels playground until we put up a squirrel feeder (which is like a bird box with a glass front and a lid) on our huge oak tree and we fill this up with peanuts and monkey nuts and they no longer attack the bird feeders or our garden.
  • I'll swap your squirrels for my badgers. I could plant potatoes in the furrows they leave on my lawn! You can have the three fallow deer also.
  • Having had problems with squirrels digging up my crocus bulbs and decapitating tulips I took the advice of my sister, who lives in Canada and the following year used liberal doses of Cayenne pepper which seemed to work. The local hardware shop had an expensive deterrent, the main ingredient was capsaicin, which is basically the same as Cayenne or Chilli pepper!
  • We have a wood on our boundary and the squirrels use our fence like a main highway. I've moved the bird feeder 3 times and they still find it and devour everything before the birds get a chance. So called squirrel cages around feeders also stop the blackbirds and woodpeckers that come in from feeding. I tried soap and watched them perch right on top of it. Like Adam says they come right up and look in the patio doors much to the consternation of our Springer Spaniel. I wonder if those who love them so much have ever had them in their loft!
  • I love having squirrels in my garden and after installing a squirrel feeder, we have great fun watching their antics from the kitchen window. But (there's always a but!) since spending several hours planting a large number of crocus bulbs under an oak tree this autumn only to find that 24hrs later not a bulb was left, they don't look quite so appealing. After reading other peoples comments I'm going to arm myself with chicken wire and cayenne pepper this weekend!
  • Squirrels took every apple off my daughter's (9 years old) newly planted apple tree this year, stripped my camellia buds and keep digging up my bulbs. They really are pests but so comical. Next year I'm getting a cage for my apple tree.
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