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Pennesetum I think

Alan4711Alan4711 LincolnshirePosts: 1,630

Morning all from Muns,Yesterday we did the auctions at Aylsham Norfolk which also has a plant side to it,we bought some good plants for a song IE: 12 excellent heather's £6, and so on ,now 2 of the grass,s  were im told Pennisetum Grass,2 feet tall and pink heads £2 each,question is this, one of the heads came off in the car (pic ) can i use the new seed and plant now ,i don't know anything about grass,s and i lost the fountain grass last year so starting afresh with the intention of getting some more and any advise for wot to get would be really appreciated,  I know its full sun if poss soil???    feed ??   and Kate likes purples if poss or pinks and are the seeds from the catalogue  worth looking at now there's a handful required if poss please,very grey erein Muns  many thanks all.image

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