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Hosta splitting

Hi I have had a hosta in the same tub for about 6yrs now, this year it only produced about 8 leaves and no flowers..Am I right in assuming that its probably potbound...Is it too early to repot  and split it.


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    In my experince, hostas split in autumn can often sulk or even die so I would wait till spring.  Turf it out of the pot in late Feb or early March, cut into 2, 3 or 4 sections - an old bread knife is very good for this - and repot at the same depth with good quality compost such as John Innes no 3.  Give each plant a good drink to get it going and maybe some liquid rose or tomato food to give it an extra boost.

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  • i split mine end of feb.. i just stick them in normal compost with some home made stuff to. then i give  them a leaf feed liquid which gives them a boots.. but i have only ever had one die on me.. they are quite tought plants..

  • Thanks for the comments and advise

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