Hi guys- I'm well on the way to starting my wormery (Thanks to my Freds) and I have the idea of how to start it off, but when you feed it stuff with the brown matter, should I add some compost along with it or just veggie peelings and brown (I'm thinking eggboxes)?

Also, is it okay to have eggshells in a wormery?



  • I don't think its a good idea to add compost, but it is a good idea to add a small handful of garden soil occasionally - the grit seems to be beneficial. I let all my veggie stuff rot down a wee bit before adding to the wormery (potato skin takes a while to rot). If it seems too wet, I add cardboard or newspaper - the worms seem to like a top layer of cardboard to feed below, and I also add crushed eggshell, tea bags and banana skins which they love.

    Good luck!
  • I didn't read your comment before I went ahead and did it! Whoops! Well, I gave them a handful of compost with some peelings and a shredded up eggbox, I'll check in them in the morning and see how they're doing image Thank you for commenting though, my Freds are all comfy and in a sheltered part of the balcony image

  • Edd's thread is brilliant. All you ever wanted to know - it's all there. I've just put my worms into the greenhouse for the winter. I did it last year and they survived, much to my delight.

  • hi its fine to add egg shells as long as they are well crushed

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    Great tip for processing egg shells Edd, just started my first wormery and couldn't really figure out that big lumps of shell were going to do much good image. I think I overfed them to start too but it's all settled down now. Got them in our outside boiler room for the winter.

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    tsk!! I can't open Edd's link. Is it just me?


  • Wormeries are excellent things......I'm a bit surprised that it seems to have  taken so long for people to use them.......or maybe it just seems that way. They were certainly a big thing 20 years ago.

    Always a good idea to bake Egg shells as Ed describes.......so much easier to deal with whatever you use them forimage

  • Thank you so much Edd, I really appreciate it! And thanks for everyone's support!

    I checked my worms yesterday, no escape attempts but I wasn't seeing much life, I picked one out and it was a bit slow but started moving after a few seconds of being in my hand. Is that normal?

  • Of course- I'm transferring them into something a bit better for them- a cheap plastic bin I found. I'll take a pic when I'm done (bit dark nowimage )


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    I think I must have the same worms as you BitterKnitter because mine behave like that too. I thought they were sick and dying at first, but they seem to be going still a few weeks into setting up my first wormery. image

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