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Hi i put aload of mulch down in my garden about 6 weeks ago, i then added aload of multipurpose compost and mixed it all in and now i seem to be getting alot of different fungi growing, mainly pale grey flat top fungi and really oval topped fungi please can anyone help is there something i have done wrong?????    Many thanks


  • Probably nothing i have got mine courtesy of Horizon m/p peat free compost.



  • Aren't they gorgeous?  What a lovely colour. image Fungi grow on decomposing plant matter which is what you've got in your mulch and they're a normal part of the cycle of things.  They'll do no harm - please don't worry about them. Enjoy them as part of Nature's wonderfully diverse array.  They'll stop appearing when the weather gets colder.

    Of course, some of them might well be edible too, but unless they're individually identified by an expert, you won't be eating them will you! image

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  • THANK YOU so much as i was worried i had done something wrong but i now no i dont have to panic and can let them grow naturally image . Yes they are beautiful colouring and YES wont be trying to eat them promise. Thankyou againimage

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