Can anyone recommend a good make of greenhouse pls?

Hello folks, can any of you lovely people suggest a decent greenhouse make? How much should I expect to pay for an 8x10? Is it best to lay slabs as a base or just a path up the middle and soil? Any other hints and tips very much appreciated. Ooh and are they tricky to erect? Thanking you x


  • Pleasure, Tootles.

    You said 'decent,' so I presume you are looking for quality. So I would suggest an Alton 8' x 10' 6" made from cedar....costing a mere £2,492.  image




     They will erect it for you on a prepared site, but that would cost extra. Personally, I prefer to have a soil base until it becomes exhausted, then lay slabs.

  • Thanks David K - that's a handsome looking greenhouse! Price = ouch!
  • Tootles, I bought a Robinson that size 27 years ago and apart from putting some extra vents in the side (it is wall mounted South facing) has given perfect service.
    Good solid aluminium frames, thicker glass and full frame glazing bars. It is up there with the more expensive GH's but in the middle price class there are some very serviceable ones. The full glazing bar glass fixings are what to look for as the ones with clips blow out with high winds.
    I do not have soil just paves up the centre and gravel on plastic each side, the tomato pots sit on the gravel which holds the moisture and I find the roots are into the gravel as I clean up after the tomato's are over.


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    We bought a second-hand Alton similar to the one in the photo for £40 after seeing it advertised and we have now moved and re-erected it three times in the last 12 years, so it was a real bargain.

  • I agree with Frank, Robinsons do make an excellent greenhouse. However, their 10' 6" x 8' 8" greenhouse would still cost around £2,500, which would make an Alton cedar-wood version a preferable buy for me.....metal framed greenhouses will always be blistering hot in summer & just the opposite in winter.

  • I bought a greenhouse last year from the Not one made from cedar but very sturdy and o lot less costly. I have a bench down one side a path in the middle and then its bare earth with grow bags on. Its been wonderful, gave a good start to all my seedlings and is now full of chillies, tomatoes and cucumbers.

  • David I usually agree with you but you missed the bit that said wall mounted, the only time it was below freezing was a while back when we had three months of snow and ice. I have a warming cable sand box with thermostat and cover it with bubble wrap when in use. True in summer I sometimes need the fan.


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    Bought my greenhouse from Greenhouse had it delivered last year. It's the one they call Hercules 8x10 - self opening roof vents (2), 2 louvres, hangigng basket rail, guttering and down pipe all included. Think its about £ 1000 now but if you went to a show - I went to Malvern Autumn - I got  a really good deal.

    They will also store it until you are ready for it

    Good after sales service too. My housing (cheap) collapsed and broke one of the louvres - recevied replacement within 3 days

    I have my greenhouse on a solid concrtete block - not ideal but my ancient previous one in a previous home had a path down the middle and i found it very unsatisfactory for what I wanted todo.


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    Oh and we put it up with help of 2 next door neighbours. Tricky if you are not diy enthusiats

  • Hi Tooles i'll just add my experience here.  i had an apex roofed polycarbonate greenhouse on bare earth for  a couple of years when i moved to my current house in 2003.  unfortunately after fierce weather and high winds the door was completely ripped off and it did flex quite noisily.  i had to remove it all.  when my uncle died 5 years ago noone wanted his aluminium B&Q 6x8 ft greenhouse so my then fiancee and a friend took 3 trips to dismantle and get it to our garden (10 miles away).  It was erected on a concrete base and we added automatic roof openers x2 &  2 louvre wall vents.  i can honestly it has given hours of fun and successes.  This year I lined it with bubble wrap for the winter and had a propagator and heated mat to start seedling off in spring

  • my only disappointment is the automatic window openers leave a gap when closed and we have tried everything to alter them.  My dad ended up filing off one of the bits that stops them shutting completely.  I will only bubblbe wrap the windows and louvres this winter as it caused quite bad condensation this year.  Also i would recomend a half on concret and half on earth if possible as tomatoes need staking and this makes growbags leak on the floor!

    Hope you've decided what to plum forimage I'm sure whatever you decide will be great funimage am jealous that I can't afford on of the cedar ones they look fab

  • Brill advice folks - thanks ever so much. Great tip about staking. I'm so excited - cant wait to get one now!
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    I bought a Halls Silverline lean-to around Easter. Can't remember which website I bought it from but it ended up about £650 including louvred window and automatic roof vent. My builder and I put it up; IT TOOK FOUR DAYS! Why? Because the instructions were AWFUL. The photos and diagrams were worse than useless and the text was frequently misleading. I had to phone and email Halls repeatedly. They were pretty unhelpful; there after sales service is frankly a joke. My builder and I are very practical people but we were both nearly in tears over this wretched greenhouse. This was supposed to be my retirement treat; it became a nightmare.

  • robinson greenhouse 8 x 12 about  £1700 the greenhouse people on offer. If you dont want to have a lot of watering work have a soil base with a path in the middle. We find this easier in our old age. Follow the instructons to the letter for erecting it and give yourself plenty of wind free weather time. It wasnt possible to for my husband to complete it on his own, you need two pairs of hands at the last lap.

  • That's Halls off my list then! I think it's going to be Alton or Robinsons, although my local garden centre suggested a Rhino...bit more research for me. Thanks so much for the tips on what to lay inside. Great practical advice.
  • The greenhouse i bought cost around £750. Excellent value. Our friends and neighbours helped to put it up and we ended up having a party in the evening.Greenhouse people quite often have offers. Buy the biggest you can fit and afford. No regrets buying it, all seeds got off tom a flying start and a bumper crop of tomatoes, cucmbers and chillies.

  • Rhino are excellent value, well made and easy to erect.

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    Can anyone tell me when Robinsons introduced the snap cap over the screws on the glazing bar?

    (The original bars had the screws showing) This is essential info for a private project!

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    Do a Google for Hartley, good quality.

    Dad's had one for 50 years and still going strong.

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    Artjak I know exactly how you feel as regards instructions I spent 3 days building 1 that was supposed to be done in a couple of hours. 

    After a small amount of blood and cryptic instructions that somehow had got the diagrams mislabeled and misplaced.  in the end although it was fairly functional once it was assembled, it just got used for a little potting up and plant rescue.   

    It was to be a display model,( I used to live in a gardencentre)  but with the horrid build instructions we never stocked it.

    The window also got bent in the wind, it was mostly extruded aluminium and fairly light weight plastic glazing. We used to get a lot of enquiries about it, but we said it wasn't worth buying.  

    What ever greenhouse you do go for, try and find customer reviews. Greenhouses can be right ..@~#.. 

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