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Greenhouse staging

Hi all,

i have just bought my first greenhouse, 8+6, now I need to buy the staging, any advice  as to what to buy would be most welcome. Thanks


  • I got some 4 tier staging racks from ASDA Direct that were only £10 each. 2 years down the line they're still doing well and at that price you can't grumble image The shelves can be a little wobbly but if you tie them to the frame with a bit of string it solves that.

    It's not on the ASDA website at this time of year but I have had a look and found a pack of two on ebay for you which I have bought before image 

  • PalaisglidePalaisglide Posts: 3,414

    Alan, bought the timber and made two heavy weight staging's for the North side as I wanted a heated sand bed as well for bringing on seeds and cuttings, normal aluminium staging's do not take the weight. That also came in handy for plants needing to be high and catch all the light. Then bought two aluminium staging's £18 each a long time ago for the south side, winter plants in pots and some special plants to over winter. In spring summer the aluminium staging's go put side next to a south facing fence and the south side of the greenhouse is prepared for tomato's etc. Using the tops and the under side of stagings for plants with differing needs you get maximum use from the green house, putting the aluminium stagings outside gives me elevation to grow Strawberry's for the grandchildren to pick as well as a nice sunny potting bench, my normal potting bench being inside. You need to consider what you wish to use the greenhouse for, if you decide you want to propagate with or without a sand box then you need a heavy weight bench, if you just want to put pots and trays on then lightweight aluminium, remember pots and trays are also heavy when wet, had a cheap one collapse on me many years ago and learnt the lesson.


  • Alan DAlan D Posts: 55


    Thanks for the replies, I think I will buy the timber and make my own.

  • artjakartjak Posts: 4,167

    Made mine; treated timber from Wickes.image V. cheapimage

  • Alan DAlan D Posts: 55

    Went ahead and built mine, image

  • Alan DAlan D Posts: 55

    Only took a couple of hours 


  • Alan DAlan D Posts: 55

    Well spotted, the end nearest the door is smaller in width because I wanted to keep it flush with the door frame, so as to prevent knocking into it when carrying things in.


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