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Hi all. I am just after a little advice... I'm lucky to have the opportunity to have had a job vacancy given to me as a gardener at a wedding venue. I started mid summer so that's all out the way. I'm very new to gardening but love every minute of it. Now the summer stuff is all slowly dieing what's the best winter stuff to replace the summer stuff. I have pansies primrose small conifers and some heathers. I'm limit to a budget and think maybe some quirky colourful things to go in containers hanging baskets and borders Thank you in advance billy


  • Brilliant thanks to the both of you... I'm panicking a little as it's a wedding venue and a lot of the plants are in the pictures.

    I will look up a lot of the plants ypu mentionmentioned verdun

    And phillipa i think my best bet is to wonder round garden centers.

    I got about 50 trays of pansies and a lot of them had died and went yellow with black spot I bought some spray and the pansies haven't flowered again after dead heading them any idea?
  • Hellebores are always a favourite of mine in the Winter image 

  • Thank you will have to check those out image
  • SalinoSalino Posts: 1,609 you are new to gardening, on a limited budget and want some quirky colourful things...then you might like Ornamental Cabbages....which you can also eat by the way, so I believe... but they should last the winter providing predators don't get them first...  

    ..readily available in garden centres...


  • I've seen these they look really good. I have such a big complex to cover with 30 hanging baskets 20 containers and a lot of beds. So need something very bright and bushy but the containers and baskets are the main thing atm

    thand you salino
  • for your baskets, why not have some variegated ivy (choose one of the smaller leaved varieties). It would tumble very prettily over the edges. I would suggest you think about a limited colour palette - in winter, white  and  silver come into their own - and think about foliage more than flowers to your budget go further. For flowers, the hellebores others have mentioned would be lovely, also pansies and cyclamen. Also look out for snowdrops, although you will probably have to wait to buy them in flower now.

  • Brilliant thano you so much for all your help. I'll do just that will try and get some pictures in the week to maybe share with you all
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