at the end of spring last year I dug up 10 tubers and left them in the greenhouse to dry.  I then potted them up in September. I now have 10 healthy plants, but what do I do with them now.  Leave them in the greenhouse until spring or put them in the borders now.  As you can see I am a hit and miss gardener, so a little help goes along way.  Thanks


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    I'm glad they survived Caz. They don't always when you dry them off.

    What sort are they?

  • BobTheGardenerBobTheGardener Leicestershire, UKPosts: 7,217

    If you dug them up from the garden they will be fully hardy types Caz8 and can be planted out and just left to do their thing.  They do not need digging-up.  Cyclamen coum and hederifolium are most common types found in gardens and will self-seed and spread over time.  Here's the RHS advice on garden types:

    There is a small chance they are non-hardy types (those have larger flowers and in a wider range (the hardy c. coum and c. hed. types are always purple or white) but the 'florist' types are generally only grown indoors.  If they are this type (usually c. persicum) then bring indoors every winter and plant out again in spring.  If you found them in the garden then they are unlikely to be these.

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    Thanks nut cutlet and Bob the gardener, when it stops raining I think I'll chance it and dig Them in the garden.




  • You won't need to do any digging, just lay each in a small depression and pull the soil around them. They like to be near the surface, not buried like bulbs.

  • Caz8Caz8 Posts: 68

    Thanks land girl, will do that when it stops raining?!

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