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pond problems

my new house has a pond with about 4 koi carp but its very green i've cleaned the filter , what next?


  • Has the filter got a UV light filter attached i.e. a light tube usually in the filter box lid or sometimes more uncommonly a separate box? This is the only sure way to get rid of 'green' water. Also, ideally, a pond needs to be partly shaded from the sun. I have a 'top' pond that flows via a water fall into the ground level pond and this top pond has various water plants in it that add an extra filtration level to the water. It needn't get over complicated though Jolene - a UV filter will do the job. regards - Jo.

  • it has got uv filter lights but they had blown ,i have just replaced then in the last few days , will it take long to clear.Thank you so much for your help i know i'm going to love it.


  • You will see the difference within a few days. I'm a fine one to give advice aren't I as at the moment I have green water as my UV has failed and I can't replace it in the filter lid(complicated reason) so I will have to set up a separate one. I am away on holiday soon so I think mine will wait until the spring now. The koi don't mind green water though - apparently they live in very murky water naturally! I know you will get 'hooked' and soon the pond you have won't be big enough!  Jo

  • thank you have a lovely holiday

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