Pepino Melon help

I'm growing 3 pepino melon plants in the greenhouse. They are doing well and I have quite a few fruit now ranging from very small to the biggest which is around a large cooking apple size. One problem is that I didn't have them tied up as the stems were upright - until the fruit has now got a lot heavier. They are starting to take up a lot of space as the stems are now arching down to the floor. I have read somewhere that they should be taken indoors in order for the fruit to ripen, so I can't tie them up to the greenhouse structure. Any suggestions how to do this successfully ?? Each plant has 6-8 stems all coming from the bottom - so a bit like an upside down umbrella image image Should I just put lots of canes all around the pot ?? It's no good just putting one or two canes as the plant becomes top heavy. Thanks for any help and tips with these plants image


  • Has anyone grown these ?? I have three plants - they have matured very slowly which I was prepared for and are only now starting to ripen. I brought the plants into my garden room around two months ago when the greenhouse started to get cold. The three plants have produced very different fruit - one plant has almost white fruit, like flatened spheres. Another has green rugby shaped fruit and the third has green spherical fruit. The white fruit have ripened before the others and my husband and I tried the first fruit last week - it was horrid, like eating soap !! The fruit had yellowed, was soft when squeezed and when we cut it open, the flesh was similar to a melon - so appeared to be ripe, but it was vile tasting ! We are waiting for more to ripen and hope that they will taste differently. I won't grow them again as the plants are very straggly and take up a huge amount of space and time to mature. Any experiences anyone ??

  • I love pepino but have never managed to overwinter one the fruit you are describing sounds a bit over the taste very cucumber/ melonish when unripe (but still delish) and get more melonish as time goes on I put canes all round first time  but didnt last year.


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