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clematis cartmanii joe

I have a large enclosed carport which I hoped to use as a sort of conservatory and fill with suitable plants.  Last year I bought 2 clematis carmanii joe plants and put them in separate tubs.  Despite careful watering with rain water they slowly started turning brown over the winter of 2013.  In the spring I decided as a  last resort, to cut off the brown and place the tubs outside, where they have remained healthy looking.  My garden is very small but enclosed on 3 sides by high walls therefore very sheltered and the plants face to the west.  My problem is, -  do I keep them out over winter and hope they survive,  or should I put them back into the carport if it gets very cold and risk them going brown again?  Any advice would be most welcome.


  • BobTheGardenerBobTheGardener Leicestershire, UKPosts: 9,884

    Hi greybird, I have had a cartmanii joe for a few years and find it does better in some years than others.  Mine goes outside after the last frost but is brought into an unheated conservatory before the first frost as they are not very hardy.  I would suggest that you do need to put it into your carport in a position where it will get the best light possible and would fleece it during periods of freezing temperatures.  They don't like cold winds either so if your carport is a wind-tunnel try to provide a bit of shelter from that if you can.  Mine is also very prone to scale insects which cause browning of some shoots so worth checking for that - only systemic insecticide (Provado) works for me even though I spent hours with a cotton-bud and methylated spirits dabbing the little b*ggers to try and avoid using it.  Overall they are fussy s*ds but the magnificent show of flowers in late winter is worth the pampering! image

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  • Thanks Bob for your speedy reply,  I will certainly bring them in later then and although the carport is not a wind tunnel I will ensure there are no draughts.  It is very bright as the entire roof  is poly whatsit (not glass)  and I'll certainly keep a good eye out for bugs.  many thanks Greybird

  • I have clematis joe, planted in courtyard garden against a fence facing west. Previous years it's flowered in abundance, lovely white flowers, this year plenty of buds but not flowered yet, it doesn't look diseased to me, help ? 


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