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I have received several bareroot Hostas. It says to soak them. Should i completely cover them  in water and if so for how long ? I intend to put them in pots for now. Should keep them in the garage by a window or are they ok outside. I intend to plant them in the garden when it is landscaped, hopefully in the spring.


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    You just need to soak the roots for an hour or so to rehydrate them then plant in pots.  They will die down completely till spring so don't need light once the leaves have died off and can be kept in a garage if you like or in a sheltered corner of the garden.  It depends on how cold your winter and how exposed your garden.  I over-winter my hosta pots in a dry shed.  

    Keep an eye on them from early spring and when you see shoots starting or it feels warm enough, bring them outside to a sheltered spot and water well.    Top dress with some pelleted chicken manure or blood, fish and bone and keep them sheltered till they are big enough to cope with normal life outdoors.   I keep mine at the sunny front of the house to begin with then, as days warm up and the sun gets stronger, I move them to their final positions on a shady, north facing terrace for the summer.   They get late afternoon sun and are very happy.

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  • I live in Dorset so hopefully it wont be too bad. The garden is very sheltered and is fairly sunny although there are shadier spots. I have existing Hostas in pots which are doing very well. The garden has been completely cleared. I am hoping to do to the hard landscaping in the spring. I am growing various plants in pots so that hopefully when planted in the garden it wont look too bare too start with. Although i know it will take time to look decent. I would like to thank everyone who answers my questions, it is really appreciated. 

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