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Have the slugs eaten my Hedgehogs

New to this, so bare with me, last year I had 3 hedgehogs who came in every night to feed, I built them houses and left branches and leaves about to hibernate also I don't use any slug pellets. This year I haven't seen a hedgehog or even a sign of them. But the slugs this year have been HUGE and I am collecting over 100 a night after that I stop counting, that's just to much even for me. Bye for now.


  • joslowjoslow Posts: 218


    The slugs are well know for devouring hedgehogs. Only 100 a night?

  • I've not seen a slug for a little while now.  My garden is now home to at least 2 big frogs and a whole host of little baby ones.  I'm trying to tame 2 gardens at once (mine and father-in-law's), as I've been ill and no-one's done anything.  Mine is just a bit overgrown, other one (just over the road) is completely covered in brambles.  God knows what I'll uncover there, I think there's probably a bengal Tiger, Wooly mammoth or pteradactyl that's eating the slugs over there!

  • I suspect if you have missing hedgehogs they might have been run over and not come home.(unfortunately this has happened here,due to car increase).Slugs will eat dead animals ,dog biscuits(a good way of capturing them as they come to the same place each night and then if I have missed \a few the fox has them),there is nothing a slug wont eat,so don't sit still to long or one might get you!image

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