I've harvested the seeds from my Lucifer Crocosmia and would like some help on sowing them next year, ie timing, heat or not and will they come true to the parent plant?

Thank you.


  • kate1123kate1123 Posts: 2,815

    They will take several years to get big enough to flower. They are a lot easier to propagate by corms. 

    If you still want to sow them, they need 60 degree heat and will take up to 90 days to germinate.

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    You'd get quicker results by digging up some of the corms of the parent plants and spacing them out a bit. They spread quite quickly.

  • A lot of  crocosmia are sterile and the seeds wont grow I am sure monty said something about them on last weeks gardeners  world while he was collecting seeds  go to BBC I .player and check.. best propergated by lifting and splitting corms as "green magpie". said. 

  • i agree,many times ive divided crocosmia,


  • Lucifer has started to self-seed in my garden. It looks the same as the parent. Noticed flowers this year which taken about 2 years. So if you have excess seeds maybe also just try casting some around, you may be lucky!

  • Thanks everyone for the advice, will try division.

    I missed the bit on Gardening World about Crocosmia mollycatshirley but will go onto iplayer, thanks for that.



  • I've just ordered some mixed crocosmia bulbs, but I've done that several times before and nothing came up.  They will be delivered by the end of April.

    Would it be feasible to plant them in pots just so that I can make sure to water them and nurse them along?  If I did, should I use compost or just garden soil?

    I've planted crocosmia bulbs before, planted an actual growing plant, planted bulbs from my sister's garden (which grew like mad for her) and never had any luck with any of my efforts.

    I'd love to have them in the garden - does anybody know a foolproof way - please???  I just have ordinary garden soil.

  • I reckon the corms of Crocosmia Lucifer are hardier than anybody thinks. I bought a few bulbs (fully grown in a pot) from a garden centre. As we thought they were a bit expensive I shared them with my cousin.  I planted my 2-3 directly so they could be seen from the house and they made a brilliant show for about a couple of years.  Unfortunately it was time to alter the small space where they were and I hate disturbing anything before its got going properly. We needed to slab that small bit. I rescued all the corms I could find split them and put them in a better space. They are looking well in their new home but need a couple of years to flourish a bit better. I could not believe the rest of the corms I had missed coming up around the edges of the slabs we put in. I really thought I had found all the corms.  What a lovely structural plant to keep coming back like that.  I also have some small orange montbretia.  It was a couple of bulbs brought from the hillside at Tintagel back in the 1970s.  I have to keep these down or they take over.


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