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Not gardening but a computer question



  • Ditto!
  • Peat BPeat B Posts: 441

    Kids !  Not kids any more.  Huh !  I remember when I were a lad, eeeeeeh.  I made do wi a rim of an old bike fished out of a canal,   Them wuz t' days ! Even up to the age of HAL in a space odyssey,  it were all speculayyyyyshon. Uz made uz owen entertainment. Eeeeeeeeeh. I tell thee Jess, nowt like a lump of Parkin and a bacon barm t'fill t'tum, were there ? !  Com-bloody-puters ? They'll ne'er catch on, lad. mark ma wurds !  Silly bloody name for them too. Bloody space in-bloody- vaders,  poop   pooop  poop,   

  • TopbirdTopbird Posts: 8,336
    Verdun wrote (see)

    See that whizz kid in the paper today?  Not yet 6 but designing his own computers (Windows. based, of course image) and just passed Microsoft exam.  Handy to have him live locally....he could repair my computer for a bag of sweets image

    My Apple products have never needed a repair, so I can eat my sweeties myself ...image

    Sorry, Verdun - couldn't resist xx image

    Heaven is ... sitting in the garden with a G&T and a cat while watching the sun go down
  • Peat BPeat B Posts: 441

    I have always been intrigued by the name, 'Apple' Mac. Over in Canada, our almost national fruit was a Macintosh Apple. Now, it's a bloody computer name ! Who would'a thought ? ? ? 

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