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I am new to this forum, and have a question that may have already been answered. I have an established mixed Laurel Hedge that is about 25m long,and want to add some wildlife friendly plants to the base and also to the hedge. I have thought of adding Mixed honeysuckle. Are there other plants that I could add at this stage to make it more wildlife friendly. The hedge is on a public pathway,so I do need to keep it well trimmed all year round. 



  • Alan4711Alan4711 LincolnshirePosts: 1,657

    Hi Rob we also have loads of Laurel ,the main problem we find is colouring it up,this year we have cleaned out all the bottoms of the laurel and are planting things ok in semi shade ,one thats doing well is marigold Spanish Brocade, our aim is to let the brokade run alng the road side of the hedge and brighten up the bottom as we have Rosa Regosa mixed in thats ok,for colour, and weve got pampas to break the hedge up by the gate, I think if we keep it trimmed keep an eye on the marigold and colour the base up it will look better,weve added Honeysuckle but too soon to see yet, your aim sounds good to me Laurel is ok but a bit bland by itself. good luck

  • Hi to this forum and would like some advice on a laurel hedge that was planted several years ago. This laurel replaced a privet hedge due to an issue of subsidence and is now shared between us and the neighbours. For the first time I was involved in helping out to trim this laurel. Previously this was carried out by my neighbour who is 79 years old. We lived in a shared flat conversion. The couple next door, who live in a house, both in their mid sixties have also done their fair share. Both parties worked from their respective sides and each took their turn to maintain the chosen height.

    This year, both the parties and my elderly neighbour had an attempt to trim it. The height was unsatisfactory and the  laurel needed thinning down a bit. A discussion ensued between the neighbours and my neighbour and they both agreed a certain height (should technically be a metre as it is in the front of the house) but the neighbour next door wishes to maintain it about 6 inches higher so we have gone along with this.

    The laurels were planted professionally about a foot apart. It has grown quite profusely over the years but at one point it has left a wide gap, 30cm apart at the bottom rising to a conical shape of about 35 cm. This morning I proceeded to trim the laurel, reducing the height as briefed by my neighbour and also cut off lots of scraggly bits and generally thinned it out, not much but where it needed it In order that it looked neat and flushed. 

    Lo behold I received a letter from the couple next door expressing concern that I have created a hole without consulting them. Further more they requested that I buy a laurel and plant it in this gap. The gap has always been there. The weeds around this gap have been cleared out so perhaps it is more prominent now. It was not my intention to create this hole as they put it. Everyone I consulted have asked me to ignore this. I can't help feeling provoked and am quite annoyed. I don't wish to enter into neighbour disputes. This lady has had run ins with all the other neighbours who have commented on her being extremely rude. Does anyone think she is worthy of a reply and what is my legal standing. 


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