Breather Bags/Air Pruning

I'm looking at bringing on a few young trees for topiary and such like, but don't particularly want to put them in the ground in the short term.  So I'm hoping for maximum vertical growth for a few years without doing too much to them.  If I were to attempt to do this in typical pots this would take a long time and end up with pot-bound trees.  However, I've been looking at alternatives like the Oregon Beather Grow Bags?

A. What do the experts make of these?  Particularly arborculturalists.

B. Are there alternatives that people know of in the UK?  Shipping from the US is quite pricey.


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    I've never seen or heard of them but what's the practical difference between growing something in one of those and growing it in one of those builder bags that sand comes in?

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    Hi Sussexslanter

    I think these would serve your purpose

    Reads are usually happy to give advice by email so you could ask if they think they'll do what you want them to.



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    I don't know if airpots would suit your purpose.

    Here's a random site from google that shows them. Seems they are used by the Arboretum at Kew

    I have used them for tomatoes a couple of years ago and was very impressed. Root growth is very strong and well distributed throughout the growing medium. When plants are growing they need watering more frequently due to the holey nature of the pots

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  • Thanks to the constructive responders here, I'll investigate further and give them a go I think.

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