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have a v small garden mostly decked with some border bedding so dont really have room for a composter. any recommendations on how to use fallen leaves rather then just throwing them into the garden waste sack?





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    When you put them in the plastic bin bags make some holes in the bottom to stop water stagnating and water them from time to time to keep damp. In a few months you will have lovely leaf mould to use as a mulch.

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    Collecting leaves in either black plastic bin liners or empty compost bags & stashed behind a shed or garage will take about 1-2yrs IME to fully rot down. Well worth the wait though, as the resulting leaf mould is an excellent soil improver, especially for shadier borders, but can be used as an all round mulch.

    Had you considered a wormery to compost some of your resulting garden waste? Have a look at beehive type compost bins too. Smallish & not unattractive in appearance. J.

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    Storing leaves in bags for 2yrs may be difficult to acheive if you have limited space, after 1yr they can be put on your beds or round plants as a mulch, and put on at this time of year Oct/Nov, will rot down further over winter and can be dug into the soil in the spring.

    If you can't store leaves but want them to be put to better use than to recycle and waste, drive past an allotment and ask if they want the bags. I acquired six bags after walking past a house where the guy was raking up leaves, he was more than happy to give them away and it saved him a trip to the recycle bank. 

  • I drown my weeds in a bucket and then put them on the compost heap.image

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    Zoomer44 ,Saturday i collected 8 bags of fallen leaves in 40 mins had 6 people stop to chat and ask what i did with them it was a nice rewarding Saturday ,ill do same in the week,unforunatly inTenby they use one of those big hoover type road cleaners  and then burn them at a cost of thousands of pounds, crazy they could drop them off at out allotments site any timegood luck


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    Alan, I usually borrow my friends children for the day and we go up to the local park to bag up leaves, they love itimage   

  • We collect our leaves in piles and then use the suction on the leaf collector which shreds the leaves. We put ours in hessian sacks bought from the RHS especially for this purpose so they get air, are kept moist and compost more quickly. We have filled 5 sacks so far and hope to have some good compost for next year.

  • I am awash with fallen Japanese Acer leaves - all 44 of them.  The colour has been amazing on the trees and on the floor - along with leaves from other large trees nearby.  I usually donate them to the Corporation via our green bin but this year saw Monty Don on GW and he was turning his leaves into leaf mould.  As others have said shove them into black plastic sacks, put some water in, make a few holes in the bags, tie them up and park them somewhere out of the way and wait awhile until they have rotted down into leaf mould.  The softer the leaf the better, try to avoid beech leaves as they are quite hard and take ages to rot.

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