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In September I turned my back yard into a garden with various potted plants/ flowers. I don't really know a lot and went for what I liked the look of but a month after finishing it my cat started scratching and losing fur under his chin. Before he has a blood test and various allergy tests can anyone tell me if any of the following are known to be harmful:

Lavender, Calocephalus - Challenge, Crocosmia - Lucifer, x4 types of mint, Juncus - Effusus spiralis, Pennisetum setaceum rubrum, Rosemary, Pansies, Thunbergia - Black eyed Susan, Lonicera periclymenum - Serotina, Lonicera x heckrottii American beauty.



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    My cat lost her fur. It has happened twice now. Flea allergy. It also affected her digestive track. She is now on special food and hair is growing back, sores are healing and she is beginning to play again. I don't know about plants though, is there one your cat rubs up against especilly?  My dog and cat like verbena bonariensis.

  • lilies are very poisonous to cats so they must never go near day lilies or Madonna lilies .also to point out plants that are like grass (spider plant in particular) beware that cats will  eat this then get the stem or long leaf stuck in their throat as my cat did and had to have a op.image

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    It is doubtful that any of the plants listed by Fay would harm a cat but honestly I don't think any one should offer veterinary advice or what has caused a symptom on this forum either-it is probably unrelated

    Although lilies being poisonous is well documented

    Sorry- but if the cat it ill- seek professional advice.

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    From your list I have rosemary and lavender but also grow  lilies which can be harmful to pets, I take the flower heads off as soon as they go past their best and take the stamens off any lilies cut and brought indoors. 

    I've only ever seen my cat, very occasionally eat grass and then only when the lawn has got to long. She will smell flowers, usually the one's I've just planted, but never eats them.

    If you use a flea collar, it could be the collar which is irritating your cat, I use flea tablets during the summer, she doesn't like having them but is flea free.

    I'd suggest you seek the advice of a vet, if it is an allergy they are in the best position to advise.


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    Go to the vet.  It's far more likely your cat has something treatable than an allergy to plants.    And make sure you use a regular flea and tick treatment and also worming every 2 or 3 months.

    The Vendée, France
  • Thanks all for your comments, my first port of call was to my vet and my cat is up to date with his worming, flea and injections...I have taken him to the vet 3 times regarding his fur loss, he has been on a course of steroids and now trying antihistamines but not got to the bottom of this yet, it was the vet that advised it may be a reaction to pollen, fleas or food but he has been on the same diet and flea treatment for 5 years. I will probably take out my grasses and see what happens.

  • Best to go the vet. Lilies are lethal to cats. I had a cat that lost all the fur down the insides of his back legs, known as losing his trousers. A hormonal problem and ended up having female hormone tablets not easy as he was feral. My mum had a dog that was allergic to grass pollen. I know it costa to go to the vet but they do know what they are talking about

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