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Hi there, I am new to veg growing having recently got a small plot and i would appreciate any advice on what to grow at this time of year, is there anything that will crop or even survive the winter in Scotland. thanks.


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    It really depends on what condition the soil on your plot is in, but if it's ok then try some of these that were mentioned on another thread, think it was called 'What to start now' 

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    As has been said, Swiss Chard should go in now.  You can sow Lambs lettuce to grow through the autumn and winter, and winter lettuce can go in now - Valdor is a good variety - it might need a little protection from fleece or a cloche if the weather gets very bad, but if you can give it a little tlc it'll produce a good crop.

     It'll soon be time to set garlic cloves and to sow Broad Bean Aquadulce Claudia for an early crop next year.

    As you live in Scotland, I think I'd get some fleece to protect the lettuce and chard in the worst of the weather - peg it down really well otherwise it'll end up half-way across Europe if the wind gets up.

    If your plot hasn't been well prepared, then I'd give it a good digging over now (picking out weeds, roots etc) and sow a green manure to dig in in the late winter/early spring.  

    "Grazing rye (Secale cereale): This annual crop is good for soil structure and overwinters well; sow in August to November and dig in the following spring.


    Winter field bean (Vicia faba): This annual legume can be left for two or three months after sowing (up to flowering) and is good for heavy soils; sow in September to November."  quoted from RHS website.

    Then spend the winter reading books and magazines (and websites), getting to understand basic crop rotation and planning what you're going to grow - good luck image

    Hm, just a thought, I'm not sure about garlic in Scotland tho' - maybe some others know if it would be possible?

    No-one knows if you've done your housework, but everyone knows if you've done your gardening !
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