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duck weed in a blocked natutral spring

I have a spring at the bottom of my garden ,that runs eventually into the River Thames some many miles away.

Duckweed I know does not like running water but the problem is that the free flow on the top is impeded by leaves,weeds etc.also possibly by neighbours not clearing the surface

I can clear it and for a while  and it washes downstream, but wondered whether perhaps excluding light with a tarp/poly  etc over the surface, about a metre wide max . might eventually kill it in situ. as the dw multiplies at an astounding rate.

I have heard that freshwater carp eat the stuff but it is not legal to introduce,even if I knew where to obtain some.

As far as I am aware no weedkiller is allowed  to be used?


  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 17,440

    DONT use weedkiller in running water, it will kill other plants downstream.

    Duckweed usually needs a nutrient rich water to thrive, remove any decomposing leaves etc that will increase the nutrient level.

  • Dave MorganDave Morgan Posts: 3,123

    It's the leaf litter which causes this as fidget says. Regular removal of the rubbish at the bottom will increase water flow and restrict stagnation. Duckweed only multiplies in slow to stagnant water. Removal of the debris will also reduce the chance of silting up and possible flooding, so it's best done after leaf fall in the early winter. If your neighbours realise they could flood, they may well help.

  • thanks everyone will spend the winter trying to clean out the leaves and searching for

    more radical ? solutions.

    I am sure someone involved in rivers etc the  of our land might have solved this problem.

    "Time spent in recce is time never wasted" as the army saying goes

  • if you can, clear the exit of the spring of reeds/broken branches etc.

    then block the exit with some wood (that is easily removable), wait till the water level rises a bit, brush as much duckweed to the wooden barrier as possible, then pull the barrier up. The weed will mostly wash downstream.

    alternatively get some ducks for winter,(its called duckweed for a reason) and they'll clear it by eating it all. or as its in your garden introduce fish, just make sure they can't escape into the river (or use native species from a reputable source)

  • how far are you from Peckham you could get Dell Boy to pop round i'm sure  he'd show you how to go on LOL

  • Thanks for suggestions to resolve problem of dastardly duck weed treehugger  ,and perhaps Dels understudy could devise some new tricks perhaps-.derbyduck

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