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Storing onions

Help. Can anyone give me advice concerning storing onions? My crop are laid out on my greenhouse shelves as I don't have a shed and some especially the red onions have turned mouldy and are starting to rot.


  • Normally you would dry your onions outside but I can quite see that the weather can make a bit of a mockery of that idea.  They need the sun but they also need to have an airflow.  Once they have well and truly dried, they will store in open weave nets.  Some types store better than others too.

    I rather think your G/H may be too damp an atmosphere to dry your onions off properly and once they begin to grow mouldy, they will just continue to rot.

    Other than taking all the onions on a winter holiday to somewhere dry and sunny, it may be that you should just use them now and chalk it up to experience.

    You can make all sorts of things with them ( sauces, preserves, soup, etc ) and pop them in the freezer. 

    Sorry not to be more encouragingimage

  • Thanks Philippa I am trying to use them up quickly as there never seems to be a day that passes without using an onion. But I still have had to compost quite a lot so they are eventually going back into the soil.
  • That's a pity dambuster but at least they aren't a total waste if they are adding to your compost.  Not quite as tasty tho image.  Better luck next year.

  • WelshonionWelshonion Posts: 3,114
    I find that red onions have more problems than brown ones. They seem more liable to bolt and they don't store so well, so use them first.

    The greenhouse will also be damp I should think. Try and find a cool dry place for them.
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