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Went to Wyevales yesterday and much to my surprise the majority of their seeds are now 50 pence. So yes i stocked up.


  • kate1123kate1123 Posts: 2,815

    They are part of a company called The Garden Centre Group, so although mine is not a Wyevale it is also selling for 50p. A great opportunity to try some of those seeds that are more than £3 a packet. It says that you have to be a member but the cashier said that was not necessary. I bought too many againimage

    David I think you thread says half price?

  • Sorry, Maud. image

    Kate, you are quite right....I misinterpreted 50p for 50%.

  • Apology accepted David. I had already bought loads when they were half price but then i wanted particular seeds and have now bought a load more. So my seed box is full to bursting again. My motto is you can always fit a few more plants in somewhere.

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