How to prune first year new blackcurrent

I have three blackcurrent bushes in full foliage. They are in their first year in the garden. So I expect my first fruit next year, in their second year of life (what is the reason incidentally for this second year fruiting and not first year?). But I am unsure how to prune them as they've not had any fruit-bearing branches yet. Should I just leave them as they are, or is there a way to prune them to give them the best start next year for their first fruiting?


  • WelshonionWelshonion Posts: 3,115

    They fruit on old wood, that's why you don't get fruit on new shoots.

    When you do get fruit next year cut out the branch after it has fruited or leave the fruited branches to fruit another year if it is a young bush and you need to build up its shape.  As you seem unsure, I repeat, prune after fruiting or you will cut off the potential fruit.

  • Thanks. Yes, I am a bit of a newcomer to pruning so I haven't quite got the 'sense' of it clear. I see what you're saying. So basically leave the bushes as they are this year and only consider pruning at all next year after fruiting, but even then they could be left as they're still young. I think I get it now! Cheers.

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