My local garden centre is selling them now. Are they a winter flowering plant? 

I'm thinking of planting some on the ground and am wondering would they withstand the colder weather. I just took up gardening and so far, everything was planted in the pot. Also, any suggestion what woud go well with primrose on the flowerbed?



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    Are they native primroses or primulas?  Both are hardy in the ground; just different from each other.

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    @Kitty I would be tempted to under plant it with spring bulbs. Ajuga may be an option as ground cover.

  • Weshonian, they were labelled primrose but comes in an array of colours. They might be primulas. I know real primrose are suppose to be white but these were colourful.


    Thanks Kate1123, I haven't plant bulbs before and I might try them out this year. I just started gardening this year and am a bit excited to try out anything. image

  • I have primroses and hardy primula and they both flower in the sping, but the primroses or polyanthus out in the garden centres now usually keep flowering through the winter but in a sheltered spot. I have muscari, which adds a lovely splash of blue to the spring colour.  Also, you may find of interest, the hardy varieties of primula which have tall stems and pom pom flower heads, they look really good in spring and early summer.

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    Kitty Jingga wrote (see)

    . I know real primrose are suppose to be white but these were colourful.


    Just a quick point our native Primroses are yellow. Unless they are the much rarer P. scotica which are pink

  • Thanks Berghill for the clarification. I still have so much to learn about them.

    Welsh Daffodil, I goggled muscari. They are indeed wonderful. It looks like a blue lavender.

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    Yes , Berghill's correct - they are a pale yellow. I have also got some of the pink variety which have cross- pollinated with the yellow ones. Now I have some yellow with a pink centre. They have to be one of my favourite spring flowers. I much prefer them to some of the gaudy primulas. I didn't know the pink are are a rarity - I've got a lot of them. Sometimes you can have a strange one which I refer to as Jack- in -the Green It's got a little ruff and is also known as hose - in - hose. Last year I had 3 of those.

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    The horrible mucky pink Primrose is just a cross between the ones sold as Primulas and our native Primula. P. scotica is very difficult to grow. It is thought to be semi-parasitic on dwarf grasses which it grows amongst in its native Scotland.

    As with Spanish Bluebells and the native English Bluebells, our native Primula vulgaris is in danger of losing its purity by crossing with the garden varieties. Even Primula veris has been know to cross with these, so you get pink flowers on a tall stem.

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    Didn't know that Berghill , these came from my Mum-in - Laws garden in Devon but they looked very much like primroses .

  • my native yellow british primroses have started flower in teh last few weeks.. think the wet and cold then warm weather of the last month has confused them..


    i am sat here still praying for some rain for my garden as hard as concrete and my lawn is near on brown all over form lack of water.. water butts are nearly empty and desperately need some.. have not hda any for weeks and weeks..last lot was on a monday night start of schools hols.. and that only just filled the butts up..

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    And after saying all that I have just been weeding out dozens of P. vulgaris. P. veris and the P. elatior as thet have self seeded all over the gravel garden.  Tried transplanting to the hedgerow outside but they do not seem to take there.

  • Funny you should mention that jean riley you had primroses from Devon, I also had them given to me from Devon several years ago and I still have them in the garden.  A creamy lemon colour.  The weather in South Wales is similar to North Devon so maybe that has something to do with it.

  • Hello, I inherited my garden and I have loads of the yellow primoses, they grow everywhere. I transplanted a lot in to a bit of the garden earlier this year- called "primrose hill" some are in flower now and I'm still going to have to thin them about before next Spring. Lovely plantsimage

  • Oooooh, all this talk about primrose. I can't wait to get them this weekend. I wonder what colour I should get. image

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    I sowed a tray of wild primrose seed in the spring, and I planted the little plants out under the ash tree on my Shady Bank at the weekend image I'm so looking forward to sitting on the bench with a morning cuppa in the spring and seeing my primroses.

    A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in - Greek proverb 
  • Enjoy choosing your primroses KItty Jingga they will be in your garden for years.  My mum is 92 years young and she can't pass the primroses in the local garden centre with out buying a couple to add to her collection!imageimage

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