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Block pave a patio


As part of my garden renovation I need to do something with my 80s concrete patio. It currently consists of 1" thick grey concrete slabs bedded onto 1" concrete base. This is proving hard to break up by hand.

I have acquired enough block paving bricks to cover the area but would like some oppinions on my plan lay sand on the existing patio as a level/solid base on whcih to lay my new paving.

This would mean it is raised above the lawn level by a 1" step and would avoid the gire of heavy machinery to break it up.

As ever advice is appreciated.


  • Dave MorganDave Morgan Posts: 3,123

    Block paving is laid on a 2-3 inch bed of sharp sand anyway, so laying on top is an option, however, does the current patio have a slope for drainage? Laying on top of concrete is all well and good, but drainage will be the issue.

    I can't see a one inch base being a real problem, a sledge hammer would break it up easily. If it's a foot then yes you'll need a jack hammer.

    The sharp sand base is usually compacted using a vibrating plate, which is the best way of ensuring a firm foundation, and you get very close to level by using it.

    Lifting concrete slabs shouldn't be difficult you just need to get under the first one with a spade or bar. The foundation is probably sharp sand and cement, if it's concrete someone has gone over the top laying it. Might be a body underneath!

    It depends on the finish you want, to do the best job you really need to get rid of the lot and start fresh.

  • Totally agree with Dave, who has provided an excellent answerimage.

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