tomato seedling plants

Has anyone had tomato seedling plants which have grown from disgarded tomatoes thrown into the general garden compost bin.  I mixed some garden compost with garden soil before I planted my sweetpea seeds then later found tomato seedlings growing too.  I transplanted these into pots and put them into my greenhouse, and I now have tomatoes growing from the plants.


  • Yes, resilient little devils, these tomato seeds.

    When I was a youngster, a ready source of tomato plants was from our local sewerage works.(I'm sure I don't have to use the graphics to explain their journey) image Not surprising most of them were of the Italian plum variety. image

  • Thanks for replying!  I only started a compost bin last year, and was surprised at the results!  When I think of what I paid for my 'garden centre tomato plants' too! Anyway I am keeping an eye on these 'little devils' and looking forward to tasting the end results.

  • Good luck with them, Welsh Daffodil (loving the name)   image 

    There's a lot of guff talked & written about growing tomatoes....and all it comes down to is the prevailing weather and not sowing the seed too early.

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