Writing a Name on a pumpkin

Has anyone tried writting a name on a pumpkin?

I gave some old friends a couple of spare pumpkin plants that didn't survive the slug invasion this summer and they are coming to stay with their 4 year old near the end of October. Sam has already said he want to come to the allotment to pick some vegetables for his dinner (worried nothing will still be growing - but thats another thread)

As his pumpkins didn't survive I thought i would give him one of mine and then thought it would be extra special if i put his name on it. Is it just a case of scoring the skin with the letters? anyone tried it, got any suggestions on techniques etc?


  • No, haven't tried writing on a pumpkin skin, but I had a good result on a banana skin!  Just score the skin with something sharp.

  • I heard about this on a pod cast from America, yep, just score the skin. Good luck
  • I've heard a couple of things, not recently and never really paid attension to them, well I shall just give it a go and let you all know how I got on image

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