Evergreen hedging query

Can anyone please give me some feedback on what would make a new evergreen hedging as a divide between two houses. Currently I have a lovely display of bamboos but they have grown too well and the neighbour is complaining.

Ideally I want to grow to be at least 6ft tall.


  • You could always go for a good old fashioned privet hedge. There have been a couple of threads about native hedges which would give you some ideas too. Lonicera nitida would make a decent hedge and one of my neighbours has used the purple berberis in a mixed hedge which looks quite good. It does have some sharp thorns though. How about holly?
  • DaintinessDaintiness EssexPosts: 959

    Holly  is a good suggestion - prickly but not too prickly to cut, berries, wildlife friendly and it looks great. I have planted siome young plants and they have grown more quickly than I expected. I think planting a new hr=edg will be a lot easier than digging out the bamboo! image

  • I wonder if you would like laurel, mine is now eight feet high and makes a lovely background 'wall' to a border of colourful perennials and only needs trimming about every eighteen months.

  • i have Lonicera nitida hedges dotted all over the place. Very quick growing and easy to maintain. Only drawback needs clipping every 5 6 wks, but not a difficult job if hedge is straight.

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    Thank you all for your advice. Current thinking is that either I go for a hooly hedge or I will go for a berry wildlife hedge with elder, sloes etc.  Whatever the choice will look great, give the wildlife a good feed and not having to cut out the bamboo runners will be a great saving.

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