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  • You just have a great garden. Flowers ... beautiful  <3 <3 <3 
    Be happy
  • Red mapleRed maple Posts: 222
    Baz, your allotment looks fantastic. You must feel rightly proud if it.
    I love the decking, too. What a difference it makes.  :)
  • bazabaza Posts: 663
    Thankyou linaSazhina glad you like the flowers I think this year has been the best ever for us . Flowers are just starting to come to the end but still have a lot of flowers on. 
    Red maple you are right we love our allotment and everything we do up there. And yes the decking looks the part and made that area stronger 
    Thankyou both
    Baz n Hels
  • bazabaza Posts: 663
    Hello Everyone 
    Have a look at these

    The sweetcorn is yellow it's just the light making it a shade of white. The melon is the first we have grown and it was bloody lovely. 
    Sunflower head was massive I'll be keeping the seeds for next year.
    Dhalias are great
    Now that's one big pumpkin flower and the bees love it
    That pumpkin is getting huge
    Loads of onions really happy the red ones didnt go to seed

    That swede is just one of many that big.

    I have to say my experiment with the lilies didnt work as well as I'd liked . In my opinion they grow better in pots than in the ground

    Still flowering great but they are coming to the end.
    And finally Xena and Harvey. 
    Baz n Hels 

  • bullfinchbullfinch SurreyPosts: 445
    Your allotment is incredible! I often see the allotments near me from the train when I go into London and I don't think I have ever noticed any as great as yours. The flowers are gorgeous and you have so many different fruit and veg. You must put in a massive amount of time, it's so lovely 😊. 
    P.S. Gorgeous dogs too 😊.
  • Baz and have just inspired me to put down my morning cuppa and crack on in the garden. I've grown things for the first time this makes me feel very proud of myself  :).

    Great job!!
  • bazabaza Posts: 663
    Hello Everyone 
    Been a hot one today been great to sit and have BBQ in the sunshine. 

    Flowers are brilliant this year
    Still getting sunflowers on after the big head have been cut off
    Nice to see a big fat bee filling his boots
    Yes we used sun cream today he heThe sweet peas have been great this year colours are stunning.
    On a personal note I start my treatment on Friday for my bladder cancer fight . This is maintenance treatment to keep it away but I know its gonna be tough so wish me luck.
    Thankyou All 
    Baz n Hels 
  • bullfinchbullfinch SurreyPosts: 445
    All the best for Friday x
  • bazabaza Posts: 663
    Thanks Bullfinch
  • Nanny BeachNanny Beach Posts: 6,011
    Hello Baza, I was wondering the other day where you were, thats NOT an allotment surely, thats a garden from Chelsea!! Do you have a garden to look after as well.  You look quite young, so do you also find a little time to go to work?
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