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  • bazabaza Posts: 651
    Hi Hazel
    Yes I do a lot more now as my strength is coming back but know when to take a breather or when hels tells me too he he.
    This weekend weather permitting we will plant out the sweetcorn as it's big enough now . 
    We have a load of flowers this year but we aren't sure where to put them just yet . I think this summer itll be trial and error . I'll post photos of where we put them and how it looks but it should be full of colour.
    Baz n Hels
  • bazabaza Posts: 651
    Hello Everyone 
    Been busy up the garden today trying to save our cabbages collies etc as they are been eaten by birds , pigeons we think and it's not just our garden so we have had to take action.
    The nets are up I dont personally like them but drastic measures required.

    We've put nets all around them and well put nets over them when we get them.

    Sunflowers are starting to get taller
    Lupins are impressive 
    Hundreds of strawberries 
    Kohlrabi starting to form 

    100 potatoes come through . A few hasn't but theres still time

    Sweetcorn coming on great

    Flowers are in . Not sure how they'll turn out but I'm sure they'll be ok what comes through.
    Baz n Hels 
  • bazabaza Posts: 651
    Hello Everyone 
    I'm pleased to say everything is planted out and growing great.  I think May has been a perfect month for all the plants growing with plenty of sun and rain. This time last year if I remember right we were at the start of a very hot and dry summer which stopped plants growing well. But this year so far so good.
    Here are some photos 

    Irises look great . Not bad for first time growing them.
    This Luppen plant has 20 flowers on with more still to come
    Sunflowers looking regimental 
    Sweet peas are now starting to get taller
    Kohlrabi nearly done
    After the damage the birds caused I think they are starting to recover 

    Potatoes growing great only 3 didn't come through
    Onions growing great but weeding is a nightmare 

    This year I've planted more peas out I grew them in pots of 4 and we cant wait for them to grow as we love them he he
    Hope you all like the photos 
    Baz n Hels 
  • Busy-LizzieBusy-Lizzie Posts: 14,553
    Looks great Baz. Take care of yourself. Glad the Doc said you're clear.
    Dordogne and Norfolk
  • bazabaza Posts: 651
    Thanks Busy-lizzie I'm feeling a lot better now and my strength is coming back also I have all summer to look forward to before I start my next round of treatment in the back end of August.  
    Anyone who's been struck down with an illness like cancer I cant stress enough how much a simple thing like a garden can help you get through the tough days. Mine has done me the world of good.
    As for the garden this year it's looking great I'm glad you like it 
    Baz n Hels 
  • bazabaza Posts: 651
    Hello Everyone 
    Well it's been a proper washout last night and today. Not good for us but our gardens loved it. I think we've had more rain in the last couple of days than all of last summer. Everything is growing great and we are already have harvested some lettuce which we'll be having tomorrow. 

    Lupins got damaged by the rain but I've cut them back so hopefully we'll get some more growing back

    Kohlrabi for my Polish friends at work are nearly ready

    Sunflowers getting taller

    All the irises have opened. Not bad for a bag of bulbs from wilko 

    Probably our favourite thing to eat the sweetcorn 

    And last the strawberries. Theres hundreds of them
    Baz n Hels 
  • bazabaza Posts: 651
    edited July 2019
    Hello Everyone 
    Well me and Hels have had a great 2 weeks in corfu.  So it comes as no surprise when we checked on the garden everything has been growing great aswell as the weeds .
    We did have a great crop of peas but the crows have ate the lot , marvellous eh .
    But the strawberries absolutely fantastic this year we have got hundreds with more to come.
    Have a look

    First crops spring onions potatoes beetroot shallots and they tasted great. 

    Sunflowers are flying now and potatoes are ready

    We weren't sure about the flowers but they look great

    Harvey and Xena 

    Sweetcorn colis turnips cabbages sprouts broccoli and onions are coming on great.
    Baz n Hels 

  • bazabaza Posts: 651
    Hi 1Runnybeak1
    The black dog has been ours for 3 years now , we rescued her but we were only gonna foster her till she got a new home but I couldn't let her go .
    The spring onions we grew from seed but I have to be honest they seemed to be taking ages to grow in the greenhouse but once I got them out they romped away. I'm guessing the conditions have been right as our red onions are doing great and none have gone to seed which they have done for the last couple of years. 
    As for the rest of the garden we are really happy with it.
    Baz n Hels 
  • bazabaza Posts: 651
    Hello Everyone 
    I was given some decking a couple of weeks ago and I've put it down today, which I had too as one of my pallets had rotted and collapsed. 
    Have a look to see what you think. We think it looks great

    Half done 

    All done and we are really happy with it

    Baz n Hels 
  • bazabaza Posts: 651
    It just great.

    Beefy Toms
    Big Onions
    Peppers forming 
    Our first melon
    Broccoli hasn't bolted . Never been known he he
    Pumpkin plant is huge
    Now that's a cabbageFirst pumpkin 

    Helen's pride and joy
    8 Footer

    Flowers are great
    Loads of tomatoes 
    Loads of sprouts 
    Loads of onions 
    Sweetcorn coming along
    Sweetpeas are great. Dead heading loads but loads are still growing

    Baz n Hels 
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