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  • Baza I have made a few things with pallets a potting bench a bench and a strawberry planter

    Looks as though you plot is well prepared for winter   

    have you seen rick van man on youtube he made some good compost bins and good inspirational videos

    Hampshire Gardener
  • bazabaza Posts: 651

    thanks gardengirl i'll have a look


  • bazabaza Posts: 651

    let me in grandad ha ha



  • Baza I have just looked at the council allotment page they have re done it and it says that there is a 3 month waiting list not 18 months so exciting

    Are you growing cut flowers can't remember 

    Do you grow new things each year? 

    Hampshire Gardener
  • bazabaza Posts: 651

    Hi Gardengirl fingers crossed that you get your allotment it'll be mint.

    The season just gone was our first and we didn;t really know what we were doing but next season we have more knowledge and the garden is set up better .

    So we are going to grow Potatoes , Sweet corn , Beetroot , Parsnips , Carrots ,Peas Cabbages , Leeks , Turnips , Colli . Onions and Strawberrys

    As for the flowers we are going to grow from seed . As for the different types of flower we are still learning them . But my wife wants to have a crack at making big hanging baskets.

    i'll put photo's on here on the progress we are making

    Thanks for your interest


  • bazabaza Posts: 651

    Hello Everyone

    Tulips are starting to peak through




  • Gardengirl..Gardengirl.. Posts: 4,043

    Baza that is so good when bulbs start popping though the soil

    Have you been watching the allotment challenge?

    You could join some other allotment gardeners on here, if you go to the allotment what you got up to, and other topics

    Hampshire Gardener
  • bazabaza Posts: 651

    Thanks Gardengirl i'll have a look.


  • Awesome! Great work.This is really attractive work. 

  • bazabaza Posts: 651

    Thanks Amber

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