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I have several osteospernums in pots and some are planted in the garden.  I just wanted to know if they are tender or not.  A couple are planted in the borders and seem to survive from year to year but the ones in pots havnt been so lucky.  I had a lovely white flower with variagated leaves that was in a large pot that I lost one winter.  Should I move all the pots under cover or are they hardy?  Apparently the temperature is going to drop down to freezing tonight.  I am in Cornwall.


  • sotongeoffsotongeoff Posts: 9,802

    I would not consider them hardy in most parts of the UK-best over-wintered under cover-and/or take cuttings around September time

  • You do get hardy varieties that survive through bad winters in the north. Depends which one you bought/grew. They are very easy to take cuttings from either way

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