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five island garlic

Have just purchased ,from the web, some garlic from  five different Islands in the World.They come with a list of where they came from .

I think they have all been grown in this country, but came originally from places like Cyprus, Menorca,etc.

They also I discovered, later, they do an eight Island pack.

The only hardneck is from Cyprus.

I  steam most of my garlic now as easier than roasting and no fat involved.and must have tried dozens of different ones.

A whole large bulb takes about 14 minutes on high steam heat, and the creamy flesh is just great.Far better IMO .

On holidays abroad always try any local ones,raw to enjoy the flavour.

but wondered whether these had been on sale before this yea and anyone had experience of  growing them.?

They may be different to anything the normal retailers offer.  which to my taste are very much alike.

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