unknown grass

Several years ago I bought a grass with no name.   I would love to know what it was called so I can try to get a replacement.  Height:  approx. 100cm.  The panicles  were dark brown and resembled bulrushes.  It had a wonderful spicy fragrance. Sorry, don't know what shade of green the leaves were but I don't think they were long and arching.  If anyone can give me a clue I would be very pleased.  I've looked at the images on floralinq website but can't fund it. One of penesetum looks close but there is no mention of the fragrance.   Thank you, Mags


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    If you could possibly get a picture of it that would make it more probable ofus guessing what it is.

    The little pic icon above the posting box allows you to do this image

  • Sorry - photo impossible.  I had the plant 5 or 6 years ago and threw it out the following March when I thought it had died. Silly me for being so hasty! I don't know what came over me to do that. I didn't know anything about patience then.  Mags

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    Try sweet rush, Acorus calamus on google images. Use the latter name or you'll get a pop groupimage


  • I think that might be it, nut cutlet.  The plant I am thinking about had dark brown panicles.  I guess this acorus calamus goes brown.   But it is described as having a fragrance of cinnamon, nutmeg and something else spicy which is what I remember. Wikki says it has 'an aphrodisiac scent' - yes- it does!    image  Thank you very, very much.  Mags

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    Ooh, I must grow some of thatimage


  • I've had another look at images.  That's not it.  The plant I want has a panicle growing up from the base on a stalk.  The acorus calamus shows a flower then a seed head growing out of a leaf.  Mags

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