What can I Sow now in my raised bed?

Hi I have harvested much of what was in my raised bed and only my parsnips remain. Been really good for my first year of planting veg but now I have a big space with nothing in it. Therefore does anyone have any ideas of what I can now sow in my raised bed which will take me into the winter months? Any specific varietys? Really fancied putting in some sprouts but realise I'm too late in the day for this year. Thanks in advance.


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    I'm going to put some salad in my raised bed when the courgettes are finished.  Something like this http://www.sarahraven.com/shop/winter-salad-leaf-mix.html.

    I'm also sowng Swiss Chard at the moment, as that will cope with winter weather and provide a green veg through the winter.  I'm sowing Bright Lights and a white stemmed variety.

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    Bright Lights are brilliant--not only tasty but cheerful colours all through winter. Winter lettuce is good too.

  • I'm planting and sowing autumn garlic, onions, shallots, cabbages and kale to keep the veg patch full over winter. 

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    Thanks for the tips. Ordered some onion, cabbage and broccoli seeds today.
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    If you have any empty space you could also consider sowing one of the overwintering green manures which can be dug in next spring in time for next year's crops.
  • In one of my raised beds i am planting spinach and rainbow chard. Think broadbeans can go in fairly soon. In november you can plant out onions and garlic. The onions last year were wonderful and sad to say didnt last very long.

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