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Indoor begonia whilst on holiday

I have an indoor begonia - not entirely sure which type - that needs only weekly watering. At the moment it's doing fabulously, but I'm worried about what to do when I go on holiday for a fortnight. Normally I just dump all the houseplants outside and hope it's warm and wet enough to keep them happy, but with November approaching, I'm not sure if this particular plant will cope. 

I will try to get hold of an indoor watering system (if I have time), but if I can't, which is better: letting it go without water for two weeks, or putting it out in the cold?


  • Thanks, Philippa! We don't have any heat sources yet... holding off on the heating for now.

    Looking at Google images, it's not a rex. It's currently pumping out yellow flowers by the bucket-load. Will take your advice and leave it in then image 


  • Great, will do. Thanks for the advice!

  • Pete.8Pete.8 Billericay, EssexPosts: 6,645

    I saw the front page on The Star today - we're in for the coldest winter in 100 yrs and will be -4° next week.....

    I seem to recall they said exactly the same last year... image

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