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Nerine sarniensis

ToninTonin Posts: 3

i have had a bulb of nerine sarniensis for about 3 years. Each year it grows lots of leaves which I allow to die down then dry off the bulb, repotting in new compost in September. I then get more leaves but no flower. The bulb is getting bigger and now has 3 offsets which also produce leaves. Any ideas on how to get a flower?



  • Just a thought but try not repotting every year......some bulbs flower best when crowded/restricted.  You could be guilty of being too kind perhaps ?image

  • there's a feature in this month's GW about nerines and I think Philippa is right - apparently they thrive on a bit of neglect and if you give them too much lurve (ie food)  they repay you with lots of leaves and no flowers. Try leaving them in the same compost for a year. Also make sure you don't bury too deep - you need to have a bit of the bulb poking out of the soil. I have the more common Bowdenii  and get two flower stalks every year, never more. Having read the feature, I will be replanting them in their own pot  because they are currently in a pot with other plants (for different seasons) and apparently they don't like sharing!

  • ToninTonin Posts: 3

    Thanks Philippa and Ginglygangly. I will try leaving it in the same compost next year.

  • GGangly......interested to see your reply.  I don't subscribe to GW  but neglect sometimes pays if all else has failed.

    I was admiring a huge clump of Nerine bowdenii the other day in a garden I drove past.  Absolutely just a mass of flowers and made me think I really should get some.  At least now I know not to make them many thanks for that adviceimage

  • We have a row of the ordinary  pink Nerines and have left them undisturbed since we moved to this house ten years ago. The leaves appear and die back, and then in September the flowers appear and give a lovely display for weeks. We don't move them or feed them, we just let them do their stuff. They are in a sheltered, sunny place which seems to suit them. I have just cut my flower stems down today, after  several weeks of flowering.

  • nutcutletnutcutlet PeterboroughPosts: 26,091

    I'd never heard of this one so I had a poke round and found some growing tips

    I was disappointed to find it's not hardy. image

  • DorsetUKDorsetUK Posts: 441

    My nerine bowdenii were rescued when a neighbour moved and abandoned several very neglected pots. I had no idea what was in them even but put them in a sheltered spot to wait and see.  They've been flowering for me ever since and so have the lilies which appeared in the other pots

  • I have also had this problem with only leaves & I've just planted more but obviously too deep. Thanks for the good advice

  • DorsetUKDorsetUK Posts: 441

    ps Don't put the nerines anywhere something else can drip on them when it rains!

  • ToninTonin Posts: 3

    Thanks nutcutlet for the link to the very useful article. I have obviously been giving my nerine too rich a compost and too much water. Will try leaving it in the same compost and much less water next year.

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