What a strange season

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My astrantias didn't flower when they should.....now they are huge and full of flower. An aconitum that normally should have flowered weeks ago is now ready to explode into colour. Delphiniums are flowering again for the third time. Lupins havent stopped, ditto with violas, etc i have a feeling September will be fantastic for plants as we seem to have an Indian summer forecast. Plants have been bigger and later in many cases and have enjoyed our "miserable" summer!


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    Totally Agree here, though some parts of the garden suffered and I had to dig them out.

    Other parts are doing great though!

    Rose has just started blooming wonderfully as has the Cosmos. Outdoor Tomatoes starting to ripen, Violas still going strong, Trailing Fuschias starting to bring their second massive batch of flowers and I can't stop deadheading the Nasturtiums!

    Dahlia and Lavender still giving the bees their much needed food.

    Looks like September is going to be a great month for 2012.

    Well worth the wait I'd say!

  • I've got lots of little green strawberries on my plants - I had 3 earlier this year that rotted on the plant because it was so wet.  I'm hoping that the weather stays frost-free and relatively warm so they'll ripen.  Home-grown strawberries in September, the seasons have gone mad.

  • Totally agree with you, it's been a strange growing season for me. Only in the last couple of weeks have my Cosmos & Scabious started flowering.  They do look good though, long may they last image  My Rudebekias are finally putting on a show. No luck with the Delphs they got munched a long time ago and I only had one flowering show of the Lupins.

    Today I noticed that maybe some of my spring bulbs are sprouting image Let's all enjoy the glimpse of the Indian Summer


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    One of my foxgloves has just come into flower. And my 'winter flowering' clematis has been in bloom since late June. Maybe I'll get a decent crop from my runner beans in February.
  • Hi everyone.This is the first time I have put a message on here but I really enjoy reading the discussions,questions and advice on the site.I couldn't resist replying to this topic.I have also got delphiniums flowering again.the dalhias are just getting going but the real surprise last weekend when I was deadheading and I found a christmas rose with a beautiful double white flower and four more buds.A very strange season indeed.

  • I have a camellia and a rhodo in flower image in contrast, my phlox, cosmos and dahlias, which I would expect to be still in flower, finished a couple of weeks ago image

  • I have just taken last winters pansies out they have flowered all summer. There were a sweetpea pansy so they had long stalks which made a change. Golden rod has gone berserk its now about 8 foot tall, but the bees and hoverflies love it. Still getting strawberries from the allotment and the freezer is full to bursting with runner beans. Its been a strange year and i expect next year will bring its own set of problems. i enjoy the forum as you chat away with like minded people and nobody looks bored when you mention yet another plant.

  • I have to say it has been a poor summer here in my garden,flowers and veg did poorly.The marigolds are the best going on and on with nasturtiums next.hoping next year will be better.image

  • I have so many runner beans i dont know what to do with them all.Already have a freezer full and pass them onto the rest of the family. Reckon i will look like one before the season is out. Courgettes are pretty slow and dug up the butternut squash as there was no way they would grow and ripen. Theres always next year which will come along with its own set of problems i expect.

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