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no blueberries

this year is the first year i haven't had any blueberries there are a couple of unripe berries falling off now is it the lack of sun or anybody know why?



  • hi Christopher this is a self-fertile bush i bought at Harrogate Spring show about 4 years ago.  it is planted in the ground now after out-growing its pot.  I put ericaceous compost round it every couple of years and it is well-watered but with fence behind so some shade late aft.   still confused this year as  somethings are great and some abismal

  • ObelixxObelixx Vendée, Western FrancePosts: 26,235

    I have self fertile blueberry (variety name lost) which fruited muchbetter after I bought it a friend.  They both spent a few years in pots before I planted them out in the veg plot.  I dug big holes about 70cm deep and wide and filled them with ericaceous compost and they've been very happy apart form suffering badly in a couple of nasty winters.

    This year we had very few fruits but we had a frost when they were in blossom and that's always bad news.  Maybe yours had the same problem.

    This year I have given them a mulch of ericaceous compost, added two British bilberries to the same bed, fed all with slow release ericaceous food and done a final mulch of chipped bark.  They've all put on good growth and look very healthy so I'm hoping for good crops next year.  I shall be erecting a protective cage of fleece round all 4 plants to help keep off winter winds and frosts.  Fingers crossed I get no more severe damage.



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  • I have a few varieties and one that got water logged with all the rain this year lost all the flowers and died back, so no fruit on that one, rest ok. So I think it might just be the flowers died off before they could fruit.

  • Thanks for the comments it's given me some ideas to check and ponder.  the bush has been fed this year but not mulched-usually bark chippings and it does look healthy.  I will check it closely tomorrow and hopefully get a pic up.


  • image

    here's a pic at last!


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    I would blame the weather I have two  blueberry bushes identical age, size, treatment etc. one fruited, the other did strawberries on the same plot - woeful and the raspberries - wonderful, picked another bowlful today....apples dreadful, tomatoes v. late, cucumbers fruiting well but late....and so it goes on. I do feel the weather has played a larger part than normal in the total success or failure of many crops this year.

  • i blame the arctic snow melting so fast!

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