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Talkback: How to grow tomatoes in grow bags and pots

Well I was going to plant 3 in a growbag. Now I'll only do 2. Thanks Monty!


  • i found this very usefull specially the infomation about the grow bag as i am a beginner to gardening, i dont have a clue. so i found this very informative
  • Thanks Monty i found this very useful to me as I am giving growbags a go for a first.
  • I have grown toms using the ring culture method for about 3 years and have had a lot of success, but i have always put three tom plants in one bag, only this year i will do what Monty suggests and put two to a bag. The one thing i will try is to fill the inner ring with John Innes no3 and see if i get any better results.
  • After 10yrs of successfully growing tom's I thought to save space I'd try grow bags this year. This vid anwered all my Q, the advice was spot on. I will be keeping to my pots. Thanx Monty
  • alwinalwin Posts: 1
    do i need to water the leafs on my tomato plants
  • Very good little article. Like many, I WAS going to go for three plants per growbag, but I can see Monty's argument and will now just plant two. I will also try the ring culture idea - thanks a lot!
  • Monty is a god!
  • What size is the black pot he has?
  • I have successfully grown tomatoes in my greenhouse this year and they have been doing very well, until just now when I discovered black blotches on the stems and the leaves - can anyone tell me what this is, what I need to do to sort it out and if the fruit wll be OK to eat
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