potatoes for the winter

Hi Can I plant potatoes at this time of year ?

..if so which variety are best?



  • hate to tell you its not the time to do it really.I have bunged in some old potatoes and got a poor result in autumn.I don't know if there is a variety for winter.but if its your first attempt wait  awhile till  spring but you need a imagepotato expert.I did some in a bag this year and that too was a poor result .

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    I've been googling potatoes a lot recently (checking on blight symptoms), and came across a couple of articles that said you can plant first earlies in late august, no later that first week of september, which should be ready for Christmas, but recommended proper seed potatoes.

    It surprised me, as I thought it would be too late to do any more now, so if you're quick, you may be lucky. Finding seed potatoes for sale now might be tricky.

    P.S I'm no expert. This is my first try this year. image

  • Thanks for your comments.....This is my first year too, I had some Charlotte potatoes at the end of July (grown in bags) and I've just unearthed Maris piper (also grown in bags) not a great lot of potatoes but enough to keep us going for a couple of weeks or so..alot were still quiet small so I think I should have left a few more weeks but as its my 1st year its all a learning curve this year.

    I've had lots of courgettes and some peas a few pepers, onions lots of tomatoes,some cabbages too.  And have growing in deep pots (2ft deep) carrots, leeks and parsnips all seem to be doing well..

    The purple sprouting brocilli got eaten by those pesky slugs..tut

    My runner beans got off to a bad start thanks to the slugs but they have grown really well and now have beans starting to grow,I have a feeling they are late this year as I seem to remember my bro-in-law had all of his by the end of August.

    we are loving having home grown veg to eat...

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