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Crocus Sativus

I've just bought some Crocus Sativus bulbs as I'm curious to grow my own saffron. I know it takes 100's of bulbs for a decent amount so I won't get much with 20 bulbs.

The problem is that I assumed they flowered in the spring, but have just discovered that they flower Oct/Nov - which is obviously now - and I should have planted then in August. So what do I do with them now? Do I plant them anyway and forget about flowering this year, or will the bulbs rot over the winter? Or do I store them (how?) until next summer before planting.


  • nutcutletnutcutlet PeterboroughPosts: 26,631

    Plant them. they'll die if you don't. I'd put them in a pot of gritty compost in a cold GH.

    Your fears of rot will be proved right in a cold wet winter outside.

    I planted 8 in September, in a pot, I have 3 flowers, my first ever from several tries. 

  • Thanks for that. I don't have a greenhouse or cold frame, will they be ok in a pot on the windowsill outside?

  • nutcutletnutcutlet PeterboroughPosts: 26,631

    This has been discussed fairly recently, I'm not sure I've found the right links though.

    My 3 flowers are too small a sample for me to claim any expertiseimage


  • Hi, I've checked out the links - seems as though this crocus can be a bit hit and miss. Still, it's just a bit of an experiment for me and I did get the bulbs cheap (I now realise why). Thanks for your advice.

  • nutcutletnutcutlet PeterboroughPosts: 26,631

    I did get a few flowers from the bulbs I bought last year. Very late in the season and very fragile and short-lived..

    If I was going to put some in a meadow I'd choose a more robust species, maybe a colchicum


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