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Bare root geraniums

I ordered some geraniums and they came today.  They were bought from Morgan and Thompson but when they came they were bare root plants (I thought they would be plug plants) and the paperwork that came with them did not say whether to put them into pots for the winter or put them straight into the ground and if I put them in the ground do I cover them completely.  Any help would be appreciated please.


  • sotongeoffsotongeoff Posts: 9,802

    I would now be inclined to pot them up and over-winter in a coldframe. cold greenhouse or somewhere sheltered and plant out next spring when they start growing again.

  • Was it these?

    or similar? - unless you have a very cold and soggy garden I'd put them straight into the garden if you know where you want them to be - maybe incorporate a little grit into the soil -  plant with the crown of the plant just under the soil (and put a marker by it) - but if you're not sure where you want them to be, or if your garden is particularly cold and damp,  then pot them up and put them in a sheltered corner, well-ventilated coldframe  or cold greenhouse. image

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  • chickychicky Posts: 10,402

    I bought this collection a couple of years ago.  I put them in pots for the winter in an unheated greenhouse and then planted them out in spring. They were a bit pathetic in their first season, but this year they have bulked up nicely, and flowered pretty much all summer.  The flowers are smaller than the single geranium types, but very pretty.

  • Many thanks to you all for the advice.  Believe I will put them in pots for the winter as we have had a lot of rain and the garden is soggy.   Roll on spring!

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