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  • Greetings all my wave icon has disappeared, it was a cheery hello to all!

    Artjak - it is actually cat waste I was considering. I have house cats that get through a  lot of litter. We already compost chicken bedding and droppings in our normal darlek - although a lot stay on the ground in our garden!

    I've been following Hotbin on Facebook for a couple of years and was thinking about getting one but £185 starting costs have dismayed me slightly... hence I thought I could give it a try with the bin and insulator jacket and if it doesn't work, ach well I'd given it a go! However the Hotbin people do believe if the bin has achieved the right temperature that it can deal with cat waste.

    If not a hot composter, I might make some sort of pet loo type thing to go in the bushes near the house. I just hate the thought of it all going to landfill. The dog loo wormery looks far too small to take the amount of litter and cat waste we would get through in a week.

    David - cheers. TBH I think I've been doing quite a bit of accidental hot composting over the years when I have ahd a large mixed mound. I guess this tiem the difference is I want to ensure it gets too a high enough temeprature for the animal waste.

    Little-ann - my local council regularly does discounts on darleks but nothing like the hot composter.

  • This is just a new thing for us I would ask anyway,I am tempted by the hot bin but it has to stand on soil and be in the shade and I can't think of a place to put it.

    I have four daleks two for house waste and two I use for weeds all stand on concrete and are full of worms I don't know how they get there but it works for me
  • I didn't think the Hotbin did have to stand on soil? I have looked at quite a few reviews of it and there was a lot of pictures with it sitting on concrete as well as soil. I find my composters tend to have slugs at the top but haven't dug down for worms!

    Gah, you are right I'll give the council a quick ring and ask them image

  • The answer was no. However they could sell me two darleks with the second one being half price... And they could tell me about a website where I could buy one.

  • I have read the leaflet again and It says flat surface on grass or soil but It needs to be in part shade and needs a jacket in winter in temp below 5c so I will just continue with what I have
  • PalaisglidePalaisglide Posts: 3,414

    Question? any one else been locked out of the forum this morning, I have just managed to get back.

    Hostafan, it is the procuring of the said bodily fluids that make me smile. Get one of those two or four pint plastic milk bottles well washed out then proceed to the garage and shut the door. Stay well away from the window as we do not wish to frighten the neighbours and proceed to empty said body fluids recycled from last nights amber nectar, the top of those bottles being rather small a funnel may be needed, depends on the size and extent of the splash (what else did you think I meant?). place bottle on a top shelf in case some one thinks you are making your own Cider and samples it, you could label it Uric Acid. Mix a cup full to a watering can of water with a rose and as you layer the compost heap sprinkle each layer, damp not soaking is the way. The Urea makes the compost react quicker and enriches it, the ultimate recycling I would say. Sorry Ladies your body fluids for some reason do not work so do not try this at home or even in the garage.



  • artjakartjak Posts: 4,167

    Frankimage...why doesn't women's urine work so well I wonder?

    MinosG, what kind of litter do your cats have in the trays? If it is just shredded newspaper that would work well.

    In the old days in the country householders simply had a hole in the ground to use as a loo for a while, and then it was filled in with earth and another hole was dug. I cannot see why this would not work for the contents of cat litter trays. A piece of wood or metal could be used as a lid. It would mean a fair bit of digging every month or two, but it would keep you fitimage

  • davids10davids10 Posts: 894

    according to my friend diane who knows everything- antibiotics women take for various female complaintsimage pass into the urine and do their job on the compost bacteria. she-who is as pure as the driven snow-splashes hers around all the time.

  • Sorry for the delay in returning image

    I currently use a clay based cat litter but am changing over to woodchip/sawdust type to be able to compost it. I have decided now to just dig a hole in the ground with a lid lol! But at least it is still something that will be kept out of landfill.

  • And on the urine front - men's urine does smell distinctly different but I always put that down to men not drinking enough but maybe there is a difference in the composition? I did use my daughter's urine in the garden when she was little to train the cats to wee in the garden in a certain area though...

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