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hi folks 

has anyone had any issues with black marks which has killed off my hanging baskets this year ?


  • Have lots of info on various fungal problems iro violas which pansies are.

    Can you provide some more details of your "black marks" and I and others might be able to identify.

    ie on leaves , stems , size ,when etc

  • Just very small black marks on the leaves about 1or2mm

  • Mycocentrospora


     Like this Nick ?

  • Yeah and it's killed them all off

  • Time for some new soil.

  • ElusiveElusive Posts: 992

    Thats usually down to the soil being too wet. Its not always fatal but I wouldnt grow Pansies or Violas in that soil again.

    Pull off any affected leaves and it may be ok

  • It would still happen in fresh soil, It has happen to me this Autumn. It is also caused by mild damp weather. We need some cold crisp days 

  • Thanks mark I'll change the soil anyway

  • Just caught up with this fast moving thread.

    Agree with above as to the likely disease (fungal leaf spots) and causes, being Chairperson of the National Viola and Pansy SocietyI get questions like this from members quite often.

    I examine my plants  at least once a week and remove those leaves as soon as I notice.If you check out the photo you can see healthy new growth , it is only the older ,redundant leaf that needs to come off. Hopefully before it reaches this stage when it is likely to contaminate .

    Out of about a thousand plants I can keep on top by doing this.Also can spot distortions of head caused by aphids at the same time,plus hunting for slugs under pots if applicable.


    To me its a bit like deadheading but I am a horticultural control freak.

    Fungicide applications can reduce infections on newly emerging leaves.

    I do not change the soil unless re potting but it could be worth it for a number of reasons.

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