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Removing a shed and replacing

Hello Everyone,


I got a plot for first time earlier this year and the shed is not very stable , i wanted to replace the shed with another that i have. The existing shed sits but there is a drop of quite a few feet as previous plotter had underfloor heating type so i would like to raise the level when i remove existing hut. I was thinking of raising the level with concrete blocks and level so i can build new hut level with my greenhouse , does that sound like a good idea? I thought the concrete blocks would be suitable as they will support the new hut and prevent any rot and keep it secure. If this doesn't sound like a great idea suggestions would be welcomed.


thank you


  • Scottish lass, Yes you will have a firm base for your hut although quite a few feet will take a lot of blocks.
    You could put the blocks under the main supports of the hut then fill in with cheaper gravel. You could even put a wall of blocks round the edges of the hut and fill in with gravel, that will support the hut and the cross beams of the floor rest on the gravel.
    There are many ways would probably buy some cheap sleepers and build a raft under the hut again filling in with gravel as you need something to hold the gravel in.
    What ever you use it needs to be firm under the main supports of the hut.
    Good luck.


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